Creative Design Studio founded in 2013 by Carlos Blancas Torres – Art Director & Fashion Marketing

He develops his career in the field of Marketing and Advertising. He started in Art Direction combining the resources learned in Editorial and Design. His experience focuses on the development of Creative Content, Brand Image, Commercial Management, Writing Notes, Audiovisual Production and Digital Marketing. He was a Haute Couture apprentice with the renowned designer Orietta Fernández, and he held the position of Fashion Editor in the CARAS Peru Magazine of Grupo Editorial Televisa

We work hand to hand with our clients to understand their needs and together achieve innovative proposals in order to show the unique and inherent personality of their brand or project

We want to be recognized as the best strategic partner in the commercial management of the company and integrate international advertising and cinematography teams

Respect –  Our clients and our team deserve a transparent, responsible and direct process
Empathy – It is necessary to listen and understand all the points of view of the client and our team, to achieve excellent communication throughout the process